Photo exhibition in Debrecen

Photo exhibition in Debrecen

Another Europe features 28 photographs, one from each EU Member-State and the UK, mounted on specially designed benches dispersed around Debrecens Kossúth tér. Estonia is represented by Birgit Püve. 

Another Europe /Egy másik Európa exhibition:

  • Opening ceremony: 11th June 4 pm 
  • Debrecen, Kossuth tér
  • Open-air exhibition, open until 12th July 

The photographers represent a wide range of photographic practices and are a mixture of established and emerging talents. Together they voice themes and influences we all recognize as part of our cultural heritage from concrete manifestations such as monuments, buildings and sites to the more ephemeral social aspects such as childhood, fairytales, theatre, landscape, conflict, work, celebration, family, memories, literature and traditions. The exhibition has been curated by artist Hamish Clark.

Exhibiting artists: Jean Back (Luxembourg), Gerry Balfe Smith (Ireland), Jelena Blagovi? (Croatia), Paulo Catrica (Portugal) Emil Danailov (Bulgaria), Joanna Demarco (Malta), Alvaro Deprit (Spain), Tamas Dezso (Hungary), Jeanette Hagglund (Sweden), Nina Korhonen (Finland), Astrid Kruse Jensen (Denmark), Petra Lajdova (Slovakia), Marketa Luskacova (Czech Republic), Marlot & Chopard (France), Adam Panczuk (Poland), Klaus Pichler (Austria) Romualdas Požerskis (Lithuania), Birgit Püve (Estonia), Simon Roberts (UK), Oana Stoian (Romania), George Tatakis (Greece), Andrej Tarfila (Slovenia), Andreas Trogisch (Germany), Thodoris Tzalavras (Cyprus), Iveta Vaivode (Latvia), Els van den Meersch (Belgium), Massimo Vitali (Italy), Henk Wildschut (Netherlands)