Budapest Design Week Budapest gives you the possibility to enjoy a piece of Estonian Design as well! The exhibition draws attention to the importance of good quality and interactive design in the development of children's creative abilities. All exhibited objects are created by young Estonian designers. The selection covers the fields of play, learning, dressing up, and touches on the field of social design.

The collaboration partner is the art gallery for children and youth Deák17 .

7. October
15.00 exhibition opening
Opening words by Hedvig Harmati (head of Fashion and Textile Department, MOME)
15.30 Kristi Kuusk (Estonian Academy of Art) presentation
15.30 presentation of FELTIVE (other room)

8. October
14.00, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00
in Estonian Institute
FELTIVE workshop for children (requires registration)

Trafó Cafe
This presentation is a part od smART XTRA! Programme series. 
Collaboration partners: Art agency Let_it_be! and Trafó

Kristi Kuusk is combining traditional home textiles with technical innovations. By doing this, a simple bedtime story can be taken to a totally new level! Minimalistic childrenswear klikkklakk are inspired by the best of Scandinavian design. Children can  freely combine all changeable details according to their mood, transforming everyday boring dressing-up into an exciting adventure. FELTIVE-elements, made of recycled textiles, can be used to build whatever you want, startig with dogs and cats and ending with space-ships – the sky is the limit. HÖP books and workbooks invite children to solve problems and find solutions, to plan, learn and play. One of the books has also been translated into Hungarian. Soft toys by Trallibussikoondis give you a possibility to hug a trolleybus. Projects of social design by students from Tartu Art College and Estonian Art Academy have been born in cooperation with children’s medical institutions.

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