Marko Mäetamm exhibition

Marko Mäetamm exhibition

Marko Maetämm: “Hmmm…What should I write?”/ Vajon mit kéne írnom?

The Hungarian audience have already met the work of Marko Maetämm for several times, f. eg. in Fuga or in the Ludwig Museum. The famous last words of Gogol’s The Government Inspector “You laugh at yourselves!” come to our minds when we think about the work of Marko Mäetamm, whose unique wry humour is always astounding and makes us think. In this individual artistic world we meet our own fears, oddness, selfishness and self-esteem disorders.

Open: 1st July - 22nd August on Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 1 pm - 7pm

FUGA – Budapesti Építészeti Központ – 1052 Budapest, 5 Petőfi Sándor Str.

Online opening ceremony with Marko Mäetamm (en) and guided tour (hu) by the curator of the exhibition, Gabriella Uhl. Anyway, offline visit is highly recommended!