FIN-EST Education Trends Webinar

FIN-EST Education Trends Webinar

FIN-EST Education Trends is a collaboration between FinnAgora and Estonian Institute, the Finnish and Estonian institutes in Hungary. In FIN-EST Education Trends we are introducing two up and coming approaches to elementary school education that are gaining traction in Finland and Estonia. Phenomenon-based learning and teaching programming and robotics might be the future of education, but what do they mean? How can a teacher implement these approaches in the classroom? How to engage students in learning in new ways? These and many more questions will be answered in the webinar.

Our guests:


Ilona Taimela is a Finnish teacher and specialist in phenomenon-based learning. Taimela has a PhD from Helsinki University and has worked extensively in the field of education. She is an author, mentor, lecturer and executive and possesses a wide range of knowledge in fields such as sustainability and intercultural awareness. Taimela has worked at the Council of Europe in intercultural affairs and has also been responsible for organizing the annual international education event Helsinki Education Week. She has lived on three continents and in six different countries and is a popular and sought-after speaker in Finland and internationally.  

Kristi Salum is a ProgeTiger Programme Manager at the Education and Youth Authority. In the seminar she will give an overview about teaching robotics and informatics in Estonia, focusing on how to engage students with interest-based learning from kindergarten to high school and how to create a good base for the labour market.

The webinar will be held in English.

The event 

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The webinar takes place in partnership with Education Nation, a brand for global marketing and export of Estonian education. More information