Észt Hét 2022: Estonian Feature Films

Észt Hét 2022: Estonian Feature Films

Goodbye Soviet Union/ Pá, Szovjetunió! / Hüvasti, NSVL

24th March 7pm / Cinema Művész (1066 Budapest, Teréz körút 30.)

19th April 7pm / Grand Café, Szeged (6720 Szeged,  Deák Ferenc utca 18.)

25th April 6pm / Agóra, Veszprém (8200 Veszprém, Táborállás Park 1.)

2020, Estonian-Finnish comedy, 91 minutes

director: Lauri Randla

producer: Exitfilm / Estonia, Finland

in Estonian, Russian and Finnish language with Hungarian subtitles  

In Lauri Randla’s feature-length film, we get a glimpse into the bustling life of the Inkeri-Finnish Tarkinnen family. The mother of Johannes, a member of an eccentric family, starts to work in Finland, so she leaves her son with the grandparents in Soviet Estonia. As a result, Johannes starts to explore the world alone: he falls in love with his classmate, Vera; he fights, and gets punished… Meanwhile, in the background, there is the supposedly ever-ruling reign of the Soviet Union. Lenins get demolished, Barbie dolls arrive, advertisements burst in, Moskvitches chug… in short, the door to the West is in the opening.

The film’s director earned the award for best script writer of the Estonian Film and Television Awards (EFTA) in 2021. 

Tickets: In Szeged, you may buy your tickets in Café Grand, in Veszprém you may visit Agóra or buy tickets on the web page of Agóra. In Budapest, the entrance is free of charge, but please ask for a zero ticket from the cash register of the cinema.

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Kratt / Kratt / Kratt

25th March 7pm / Cinema Kino Café (1137 Budapest, Szent István krt.16.) 

7th April 5pm / Eötvös Károly Megyei Könyvtár, Veszprém (8200 Veszprém, Komakút tér 3.)

20th April 7pm / Grand Café, Szeged (6720 Szeged,  Deák Ferenc utca 18.)


2020, Estonian family film, 107 minutes 

director: Rasmus Merivoo

producer: Tallifornia / Estonia

Estonian language, Hungarian subtitles  

The chief characters of the film are school kids who spend their summer holiday at grandma’s. Having no smart gadgets at all, their time is supposed to be absolutely tedious. However, the country holiday, rich in fresh air and hard physical work, takes an unexpected turn when the children find the diary of the abandoned manor’s ex-landlord - from where they get to know how to build a kratt. The owner of this special creature obtains help in the household - how marvellous for dear grandma! - nevertheless, if it doesn’t get enough work, it can easily become self-reliant. Last but not least, to build a kratt, one does not only need a few junks from the garden, but needs to collaborate with the devil itself. The  turmoil is made even bigger, when the digital revolution reaches the village. 

 The film aiming families and youngsters as its audience offers an exciting mixture of horror and comedy, the modern world and the conventional Estonian folklore. 

Tickets: Please buy your ticket in Kino Café, Budapest or on the Kino Café website, in Café Grand in Szeged. The entrance is free in Veszprém. In the days prior to the event in Budapest, our guests are welcome to try their luck to win tickets for the film on the Estonian Institute’s Facebook page

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Firebird /Tűzmadár / Tulilind

26th March, 7pm

Cinema Kino Café (1137 Budapest, Szent István krt. 16.) 

2021, Estonian-English thriller, 107 minutes

director: Peeter Rebane

producer: No Reservations Entertainment, The Factory / Estonia, United Kingdom

English language, Hungarian subtitles

It is the nineteen-seventies, Estonia is under Soviet occupation. Bound to the air forces, a dangerous, a relationship on the edge of being a friendship and a same-sex affair is born between the restless soldier, Sergei, and the young, brave, and handsome pilot, Roman. Sergei, who cannt wait to leave service, must face his past and  the carreer of Roman is in serious danger. Meanwhile, Sergei’s lover, who is secretary to the leader of the air force base, desperately tries to protect her family. Each of them risks their freedom, what is more, their lives  the Soviet regime and the criminal investigation authorities have mercy on no one.

The documentarist Peeter Rebane’s very first-made film was the opening film of the BFI Flare in London, 2021. 

Tickets: Please buy your tickets eitheron the Kino Café website or at the cinema. In the days prior to the event, our guests are welcome to try their luck to win tickets for the film on the Estonian Institute’s Facebook page.

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