Three members of the quintet, that is Mingo Rajandi, Marek Talts and Eno Kollom have already performed in Budapest last year as part of Heliotroop on the stage of Opus jazz club.

The charismatic singer Liina Saar and the double bass player Mingo Rajandi lead the quintet, whose repertoir is built up on the poems of two important Estonian poets of last century – Kersti Merilaas and August Sang. Their music is inspired by jazz, Estonian folklore, world music and rock. Verbarium has succeeded in creating an exciting world of sounds and rythms to accompany the poems. Their melodies, which may seem simplistic at first glance, hide complex structures in them there for the listener to discover.

Liina Saar - vocals
Marek Talts – electric guitar
Jaan Jaago – accoustic guitar
Mingo Rajandi – double bass
Eno Kollom – percussion

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