Estonian Week - Movie screenings

Estonian Week - Movie screenings

The Movie screenings of the Estonian Week already has its regulars and we are looking forward to see some fresh faces as well. The Estonian movie screenings are a great opportunity to get into a small country's not so small cinema. 

For the Budapest screenings you can win two tickets at the Estonian Institute's Facebook page. 



Budapest: March 23. 18:30,Művész cinema
Szeged: April 6. 17:00, Grand Café
Debrecen: April 8. 18:00, Modem

Keti lõpp 2017, Estonian comedy, 81 minutes
Director Priit Pääsuke, writer: Paavo Piik, producer: Alexandra Film
in Estonian with Hungarian and English subtitles

A secluded fast food joint next to an empty parking lot, where it’s good to go, because nobody recognizes you there. On a rainy autumnal day, people show up one after the other – all of them on the verge of a breakdown – or perhaps a breakthrough? The main character, Waitress, sees and absorbs it all. One by one – through their personal drama – the clients push the Waitress towards her own edge.



Budapest – March 24. 18.30, Művész Cinema
Szeged – April 4. 19:00, Grand Café
Debrecen – April 5. 19:00, Modem

Õnn tuleb magades 2016, Estonian comedy, 2016, 90 minutes
Director and writer: Mart Kivastik, Producer: Kopli Kinokompanii
in Estonian with Hungarian subtitles

There are two people who wake up in the same bed one morning, and neither of them has a clue who the other is. Viivi would like to run away and the man is sleeping like a log. Unlike Viivi and Andu themselves, the viewers know both very well. They know that Viivi has the worst day in her life and that Andu is a dweeb, but not completely hopeless; a rather good-hearted man. They are both hopelessly lonely people hoping that maybe there's someone somewhere - So they might as well meet.



Budapest – March 24. 20.30, Művész
Szeged – április 4., 21:00, Grand Café
Debrecen – április 7., 18:00, Modem

November, Estonian-Dutch-Polish coproduction, 2017, 112 minutes 

director and writer: Rainer Sarnet, Producer: Homeless Bob Production
Estonian and German with Hungarian subtitles

Young Liina (Rea Lest) is hopelessly in love with Hans (Jörgen Liik), a nearby farm-hand, whose heart she loses to the daughter of the German manor lord. In order to regain his love, Liina turns to any means necessary, even if that means tapping into the black magic that is circling around the village. Estonian pagan and European Christian mythologies come together in this film. Both mythologies look for a miracle; for an ancient force that gives one a soul. This film is about souls – longing for a soul, selling your soul, and living without a soul.



Budapest – March 25., 18:30, Művész cinema
Szeged – April 5., 21:00, Grand Café
Debrecen – April 6., 18:00, Modem

Minu näoga onu 2017, Estonian comedy, 100 minutes
Director and writer: Andres Maimik, Katrin Maimik, producer: Kuukulgur Film, Kinosaurus Film
In Estonian with Hungarian and English subtitles

A music critic Hugo (Rain Tolk), suffering from post-divorce depression, is just about to rebuild his life when his jazz musician father Raivo (Roman Baskin) arrives at his door unexpectedly. Spiteful old man announces that he will soon come to his end and expects his only son to take care of him. When an attractive psychotherapist (Evelin Võigemast) enters the men’s lives, the father and son duo begin to compete for her attention. The old prankster manages to create a number of embarrassing moments in an effort to ruin Hugo’s romantic plans.


New Estonian Animation:

Budapest – March 25., 16.00, Művész cinema
Szeged – April 5., 17:00, Grand Café

2017, 13', director: Chintis Lundgren, producer: Chintis Lundgreni Animatsioonistuudio

Manivald, in the same vein of Lundgren’s previous work, is both absurdist drama and social satire. The eponymous fox, an academic drowning in various degrees, is unemployed and depends on his controlling mother for his livelihood. Manivald is a character the young and educated may find all too relatable. “I have so many friends who have doctorates or master’s degrees in something connected to culture, and it ends up being totally useless,” says Lundgren. “They end up working in a bar or doing physical work or whatever.”

2017, 15', director: Riho Unt, producer: Nukufilm
Having spent her whole life inside the nunnery, an old and dignified nun Maria has determined to fulfill her youth fantasy. The only problem there seems to be her incomplete, almost non-existent memory. Maria is afraid that her youth fantasy might prove to be a sin.

2017, 11', director: Ülo Pikkov, producer: Silmviburlane

Letting Go is an animated documentary about a young girl who wants to let go of the shadows that haunt her past. But what about you can not tell the past? Is it even possible then to show the stories and let go? And how can one create a movie about a story that they want to let go? 

2017, 6', director: Sander Joon, producer: Estonian Art Academy
There are things we consider obvious, and there are things we can not even comprehend no matter how hard we try. 

2017, 2', director: Leonyid Smelkov, producer: Estonian Art Academy
Watch out, it's raining pears! Pear rain usually happens suddenly, and it is best to be prepared. The movie will guide you through how to behave and what to do in case such danger happens. 

2016, 18', director: Elin Grimstad, producer: Nukufilm
The children's imagination stretches as far as the horizon, they visualize how it is there. This vision is like a beautiful treasure inside of them. They love this game - it is both important and exciting. The hunter also lives on the island. He has killed the animals that the children find. The hunter kills because he is hungry, or just because he likes to do it.

2016, 2', director: Lucija Mrzljak, producer: Estonian Art Academy
Life is difficult in the corner, in the angle where all edges meet. Everything is geometrically relative when laws of perspective and gravity start playing tricks on you.




Nõukogude hipid
2017, Estonian documentary, 75’ 
director and writer: Terje Toomistu, producer: Kultusfilm
Estonian, Russian, Ukrainian and English with English subtitles.

The film will be screened at Central European University, Nador utca 11, Room 004
20 March, 17:30 - 19:00

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The hippie movement that captivated hundreds of thousands of young people in the West had a profound impact on the other side of the Iron Curtain. Within the Soviet system, a colorful crowd of artists, musicians, freaks, vagabonds and other long-haired drop-outs created their own system, which connected those who believed in peace, love, and freedom for their bodies and souls.

More than 40 years later, a group of eccentric hippies from Estonia take a road trip to Moscow where the hippies still gather annually on the 1st of June for celebration that is related to the tragic event in 1971, when thousands of Soviet hippies were arrested by the KGB. The journey through time and dimensions goes deep into the psychedelic underground world in which these people strived for freedom.