Estonian Week - Estonian cuisine

Estonian Week - Estonian cuisine

The Estonian Week provides food not only for your soul but also for your body. We invite you to try out Estonian food in bistro Kazimír, exclusively available only during the Estonian Week. For the whole duration of the Estonian Week you can have a taste of traditional Estonian foods with a modern Hungarian twist. Those recipes have been passed on from generation to generation and are re-invented now by a skilled Hungarian chef. In addition to the compulsory herring, you can also try kama creme that became the star of the menu two years ago. The ingredients come straight from Estonia. Come and discover Estonian cuisine at Kazimír!

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Estonia is a Northern country where the selection different ingredients and spices can not compete with the countries down south. Estonians lived off simple yet nutritious dishes, made of potatos, pork, fish, carrots, beetroot, peas and other simple vegetables. In the cold harsh winter they cooked heavier dishes like sauerkraut and meat, and stuck to light meals in the summer, eating whatever the garden and the forest provided them with. Estonians are very proud of their black rye bread, and are convinced that nowhere in the world can you find bread as good as theirs. Estonians consider mushrooming and berry picking a national sport, not to mention making jams and preserves.

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