Estonia for Me

Estonia for Me

Estonia is blue, black and white. But for some, it’s green.

There are a lot of pine trees in Estonia, the clouds touch the sea, the mountain is an egg and mornings have special sunlight.

Estonia is purity.

Estonians speak little, they rather sing.

Estonian music is regilaul, Arvo Pärt and the Viljandi Folk.

Estonia is one of the most dynamically developing countries in Europe. Classic and modern, wood, metal and glass exist together.

Skype is Estonian, and the digital citizen who can vote from home is also Estonian. Is Estonia the Baltic tiger?

Estonia for you?

Estonia for me...

The Estonian Institute in Hungary celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Estonian Republic’s gaining independence in a video series, in which the prominent figures and professionals of Hungarian cultural life speak about their experiences in Estonia and their cooperation with Estonians.

The first interviewee of the series is:

Balázs Weyer, director of programming, Hangvető - an established world and folk music label